Indentured Apprenticeship

What does it mean to be indentured? Indentured is defined as a contract binding a person to work for another for a given length of time.

As an apprentice you are indentured to the Training Trust (AOEETT). An apprentice signs an agreement binding him or her to the rules and regulations set forth by the Training Trust.

Length of Apprenticeship

As an apprentice mechanic you will be eligible to advance to journeyman status at 8,000 hours, an operator at 6,000 hours and service oilers at 5,000 hours.


Apprentices receive a percentage of journeymen wage, starting at 60% or 65% depending on your program, plus benefits throughout their 5,000, 6,000 or 8,000 hour program. During this time, the apprentice must attend job related training and instruction consisting of a minimum of 640 unpaid hours. These hours are in addition to on-the-job training.
Apprentices are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, ethical, and moral manner, realizing much time, money, and effort is spent to afford them an opportunity in the Operating Engineers. In addition apprentices are expected to be able to pass random hair follicle drug testing.