Work Environment

Work Environment

While a career as an Operating Engineer affords an individual the possibility of an exciting and rewarding career, it can also offer excellent wages and fringe benefits.

This being said there are several things to consider before applying to the apprenticeship program.

Because of Alaska’s short construction season, an Operating Engineer can expect to work long hours (60-80 hours per week). On the otherhand – contruction work fluctuates with the market as well as State and Federal budgets, you can find yourself out of work for months at a time. As an apprentice you will be required to report to work wherever your  Apprentice Coordinator places you. It is common to work away from home. This means you may have to stay at a camp or in some cases find your own lodging.

Apprentices should expect to be transferred from employer to employer to ensure proper training.

This is a trade that takes you outside in all types of weather, requiring that you often work under adverse and sometime hazardous conditions.